What To Expect

One of the first questions that clients ask is “What can we expect during the remodeling process?”

Haupert Construction prides itself in quality work, attention to detail, the ability to work with our customers in choosing the right products, and design to fit their needs. Our work method begins with the estimating the process:

Meet with the Customer To:

  • Asses your existing situation and living requirements
  • Listen to your ideas
  • Make portfolio of pictures, and sketches for further design options


  • Back at the office we begin to work through the phases of the project
  • Assign costs & include allowances to give a general overview of the project
  • Generate a preliminary estimate to be submitted to you the customer

Meet with the Customer To:

  • Review costs of initial estimate to see how relevant the estimate is to your needs & wishes
  • Determine if costs and general ideas are acceptable and are within your budget
  • We then begin to refine, design, draw (with input from designers, architects, sub-contractors, etc.) to bring a final and detailed estimate for you to consider.

When we work for you we hope that you depend on us for the correct solutions to your needs, and in the end the room of your dreams becomes a reality.

We Do This By:

  • Working to keep the lines of communication clear
  • Using quality products & dependable subcontactors
  • Working with you, the vendors & subcontractors, etc. to stay on schedule
  • Working with you to stay within budget

We want our customers to call us if there is a problem before, during or after a project. We have always tried to be dependable and prompt in response to customer requests. We want you to be satisfied – a happy customer is one who will tell others about us. The majority of our customers have come to us through referrals, and we strive to keep it that way!

"Initial Estimates Are Always Free of Charge"

"We can help with the design of your project"

"Thank you for taking the time to consider Haupert Construction we hope to hear from you!"

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